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In India as we have not left with much of fossil fuel resources there is an urgent need of the alternative source of energy which should also be environment-friendly . I believe sun is the ultimate sources of energy in our galaxy and solar energy would be the best choice in terms of sustainability and cost effectiveness in India. In energy deficit country like us, we want to participate in the government vision of 100GW of SPV installation in next five years.
Our focus area would be creating awareness for SPV rooftop which includes ,bringing electricity to those part of India where the sun is the only source of light and where people prefer to sleep just after sunset. Let's Save electricity by using solar PV at home.

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We have many business customers everywhere throughout the India and underneath you will discover a
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"The administration gave by Photon Galaxy has been amazing all through this venture. Their venture conveyance program was well thoroughly considered and incorporated flawlessly with our own particular activity and was conveyed on time with polished methodology and meticulousness. It is imperative for us to join forces with similarly invested organizations and for them to have the capacity to work close by us conveying on the necessities ."

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"Working with Photon Galaxy on our third Solar venture was an awesome achievement and they have a decent group of individuals appropriate from when the underlying conference begins, through the outline procedure, venture close down and establishment on location. I would gladly work with Photon Galaxy again on another venture sooner rather than later."

Client Reviews

"We were exceptionally inspired with the timescale in which Photon Galaxy introduced the framework – they worked hard. The establishment has implied a considerable measure to Land Securities since we work with countless on our destinations. It's imperative to focus on sustainable innovation and attempting to help the master plan. We want to see significantly more sun oriented on the retrofit side of the business."

Client Reviews

"The establishment procedure was great in fact. I've been awed with Photon Galaxy's execution all through and the general population working for them did their employments splendidly. They didn't interfere with our business, they remained off the beaten path and their wellbeing and security hones were right on the money. I would prescribe them to some other organization considering sun based for their business to cut expenses and diminish their carbon outflows."

Client Reviews

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